Scientists Have Found That Intelligence Is Passed From Mothers, Not From Fathers

A recent genetics study has shown that the intelligence comes from the female X chromosome. Moreover, this type of chromosome has over 1,000 genes. Many of these genes affect your perception level.

Until recently, experts thought that both parents are equally responsible for their kid’s intelligence. The study has been found both disputable and correct at the same time.

Many studies have found that genetics is not a simple field of research. It is recommended that people approach these findings from an objective point of view.

Here Is How Both X and Y Chromosomes Function:
A chromosome is actually a thread-like formation that possesses protein and nucleic acids. They transfer and store genetic information. Everyone has 1 pair of chromosomes in every single cell of their body. The males carry 1 X and 1 Y chromosome, whereas the females carry 2 X chromosomes.

Additionally, the genetic feature of gender-specific genes, are either deactivated or activated. This depends on the specific selection as well as genetic properties. In addition, the deactivated genes will not affect genetic development, whereas the activated genes will do so. This means that the paternal genes will be deactivated in case one characteristic is affected through the mother. This also means that the maternal genes will be deactivated in case one characteristic is affected through the father.

In fact, there is a greater chance for females to have an effect on the cognitive ability, because they have 2 X chromosomes, whereas males carry only 1.

Moreover, intelligence is considered to be a gender-specific gene that comes from the mothers. Researchers actually used mice that were genetically modified in order to examine this theory. They concluded that subjects treated with maternal genetic chromosomes had an abnormally greater brain and skull, but a smaller body. On the other hand, subjects treated with greater paternal genetic chromosome amounts developed a smaller brain and skull, but a greater body.

What’s more, researchers also did another fascinating research, such as finding 6 brain areas that possess exclusively either paternal or maternal genes.

In another study, researchers from a Scottish government agency followed 12,687 people between 14 and 22 years of age. They interviewed subjects and observed the way their intelligence developed, considering their ethnic and educational backgrounds. They found that a mother’s IQ is the most powerful indicator of intelligence.

That’s why mothers have a great impact on their kid’s cognitive capacity. But, it isn’t actually just due to genetics. Nurturing and nutrition can also affect a kid’s intellectual development throughout their lives. Mothers play a role in the kid’s intellectual development, which means that your mother gave you so much brain power.

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